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HARADA Tetsuo - Artist-Sculptor

Email : info@tetsuoharada.com
website www.tetsuoharada.com


Workshop and exhibition in Paris

4, rue Pihet
75011 Paris

Tel : + 33 (0)1 43 38 05 15
Cel : + 33 (0(6 15 09 00 89


Artistic development workshops
workshps : Stone, metal, wood. Painting, drawings. Ceramics. Photos.
Three exhibition spaces
Outdoor garden for monumental sculptures in the village of Fresnay :

Tetsuo Harada, sculptor
10, rue du 19 Mars 1962

Tel : + 33 (0) 2 37 99 04 08
Cel : + 33 (0) 6 15 09 00 89

(South of Paris, 90 km. Between Chartres and Orléans. In Beauce region)


Tetsuo HARADA was born august 25th 1949 in Niitsu, Niigata prefecture in Japan.
In highschool in Niitsu, he learned drawing with his professor M. Nitta.
In 1973, he traveled throughout Europe.
Today, he has a studio in Paris and another near Chartres at Fresnay l’Evêque, Eure-et-Loir, France.
He teaches art at the Versailles School of Architecture (EAV), France.

Graduate Tamabi Fine Art University at Tokyo (1968 - 1971).
Graduate teacher in plastic art (1971).
Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris E.N.S.B.A. (1973 - 1975).


Tetsuo Harada (born 25 August 1949, Niitsu, Niigata Japan) is a Japanese artist based in France, well-known for his monumental direct carving sculptures on granite and marble. In the nineties he came to public recognition with his "Earth Weaving" theme, binding nations in fraternity with granite rings. He explored a wide universe of materials (wood, metal, bronze, resin, glass) and shapes but the themes of pacifism, Nature (earth), sexuality and fertility remain prevalent (some advocate his shinto influences). His sculptures can be seen around the world in private collections, museums and the streets as monumental public works, or ephemeral Land-art installations. His work his often linked to the one of Isamu Noguchi, Constantin Brâncuşi, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore or the biomorphic aesthetic movement in general. He studied at Tamabi University[1] Tokyo with Professor Tatehata, Beaux-arts de Paris with Professor Colamarigny, Jean Cardot [2]. He now lives and works mostly in Paris France and carves granite in his large studio in Fresnay l'Eveque near Chartres in the Beauce area, Eure et Loir region. He produced quantities of skecthes, drawings and paintings, as finished art piece or researches for future sculptures. In recent years his work was promoted actively by his wife Annie Harada and his second Cesar Minoru Harada, graduated ENSAD & RCA the Royal College of Art. His first son Narito Harada is an influential lawyer specialized in Environment working for NGO like Greenpeace. Tetsuo Harada was teaching fine art and urban design at the National Superior Architecture School of Versailles (ENSAV) (1983-2012). From which Since 30 years he is establishing educational programs and cultural bridges between Asian Universities and European Universities.
Tetsuo and Annie Harada get married, they have two boys :
- Louis-Narito HARADA (born in 1978 at Charleville Meziéres). He is a lawyer in environmental law. Graduated from Kings College London and the Sorbonne Paris 1. > http://harada-avocat.com/
- Jean-César Minoru HARADA (born in 1983 at Bayonne) He graduated from ENSAD rue d'Ulm in Paris and RCA Royal College of Art London. He is an entrepreneur environmentalist > http://www.cesarharada.com


. Symposium on wood sculpture near Tazawako Lake, Akita, Japan, organized by sculptors Watanabe and Koyanagi.
Creates a monumental sculpture in wood “The bird“ 250 cm high. Also participating, Mazuda, Hochiiho, Sakaï, Tsuboï.
. Salon of Kodo Bijutsu Kyokaï in Tokyo. Presents “The bird“, a low relief in ceramic 150 x 120 cm.
. Group exhibition in Niitsu. Presents “The bird“ in ceramic and “The birds“, low relief in plaster.

< Symposium on granite in Shodoshima, Kagawa prefecture.
. Realization of “Silence and the sea“, a monumental sculpture in white granite, 150 x 90 x 70.

. Gratuation as professor at the Tama Fine Art University of Tokyo.
. Exhibition at the Nirenoki Gallery in Tokyo with sculptor Tsuboi. Presents “Mother and child“ granite 60 x 50 x 60, “Matches“ cast metal 40 x 34 x 15, “Rhythm“ in polyester and cast metal 90 x 85 x 90, “Parallel Thoughts“ in wood, “Declaration“ in wood, “Composition“ in green granite.
. Winner third prize of the “Kodo Bijutsu Kyokai“ with “Work 71“ 180 x 170 x 100, in black granite (Takahashi collection in Sado Island).

. Teaches fine art in the Technical High School in Takada, Niigata, JapaN.
. Studies tea ceremony
. Exhibition at the Tokiwa galery with Tsuboï. Presents “Lotus“ in metal, “Balance“ in iron and polyester, “Composition“ in green granite, “Union“ in iron, “Lotus Leaf“ in iron, “Peace“ low-relief in aluminium, “Declaration For Look“ in wood.
. Third participation at salon Kodo Bijutsu Kyokaï. Presents “Composition“ in black granite.
. Personal exhibition at Oshima gallery, Joetsu, Niigata, Japan.

. From February travels alone throughout Europe : France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Paris again, where he decides to stay. He throws away his return flying ticket in the Seine.
. Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts (ENSBA), Quai Malaquai, Paris. Works with Professor Colamariny in his atelier.
. Works as assistant for the sculptor Mizui at Angoulème, France.

. 26th Salon de la Jeune Sculpture in the gardens of Champs Elysées, Paris. Presents “Prophecy“ in concrete, H 250 cm.
. Group exhibition at Galery Dothy at the Festival du Marais. Presents “Lotus Leaf“ in iroko wood 60 x 70 x 40, “Bust“ in grey marble 40 x 35 x 30, etc.
. Works on cast concrete in Michel Herzele’s atelier in Meudon. Also works carving at Beaux Arts in Paris, Atelier Jean Cardot.
< Symposium of monumental sculpture “Plastik art“ at Homburg, Saarland in Germany, organised by gallery Monika Beck. Realizes “Boudha’s hand“ in white carrara marble, 3,5 tons, 220 x 140 x 75. The sculpture is now in the center of the city.
. Group exhibition at the Gallery Monika Beck, in Homburg, Germany.
. Group exhibition at the Cultural Center in Nanterre near Paris with Taniguchi, Inoue Yukichi. Presents five sculptures: “Lotus leaf“ in marble, “Seen From Front, Seen From Back“ in granite, “Force“ in grey marble, “Prophecy“ in concrete, “Bust“ in white marble.
. Practices drawing, modeling with clay. Realises many sculptures cast in plaster, included “Hand of Peace“ (reproduced in cast glass by Daum in 2004).
. Assistant sculptor of Otani in the quarry Hignard in Lanhélin, Ill et Vilaine, France. Maurice Lipsis was working near by realizing a public commission with Narita as assistant.
. Works marble at Carrara, Italie at Atelier Ama. He meets Taniguchi, Mickael Esbin, Shimizu, Suzuki. Presents “Embraced shells“ 160 x 70 x 60.

. Art galley Jean Minet, 98 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré Paris 8th Arrondissement. Permanent artist for two years.
. 27th “Salon de la Jeune Sculpture“ in the gardens of Champs Elysées in Paris. Presents “Escape“ in white limestone, red polyester and steel.
. Salon d’Automne in Grand Palais, Paris, “Escape 1“ in green granite and mohagani wood.
< First International Symposium of Sculpture in Sirese, Huesca, Spain, organized by Pedro Tramullas who gathered eight sculptors. Harada carves, “Hand for peace“ against dictatorship of Franco, in gray marble, 160 x 240 x 110.
. Works in Les Halles, Paris, mixing wood and stone.
. Works for Msika sculptor in Chauvigny in Burgundy, France.
. Participate in art competitions with architects for public commission.

. 28th “Salon de la Jeune Sculpture“ in the Champs Elysées gardens, Paris. Presents “Escape 4“ in bubanga wood 150 x 100 x 100.
. Exhibition group in Huesca, Spain. Presents “Mask“ in black marble and beech wood, “Sculpture 76“ onyx.
. Salon d’Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris, “Escape 5“ in black marble and wood, 55 x 30 x 30.
. Salon des Contradictions at the American Center, Bd Raspail in Paris. Presents three sculptures mixing wood and stone : “Escape n°3 “, “Mask“, “Escape 4“.
. Group exhibition at gallery Paris-Sculpt, Paris.
. 24th Salon in Charenton. Present “Escape 5“ in black marble and oak, “Escape 1“ in green granite and mahogany wood.

< Monumental sculpture “Movement of Continuity in Space“ in limestone of Massangis, 13 tons in two blocks. 1st block, 170 x 270 x 140, 2nd block 160 x 140 x 130. The sculpture is placed in the entry of the courtyard of the Technical High School of Roanne, Loire, France. It is the first public commission for Harada, from the Ministry of Education, with architects Lefèvre and Fougeroux of Paris.
. Personal exhibition at the gallery Pierre Lescot, les Halles in Paris (Michèle Coche and Lisbelle Foissac). Appointed Permanent Artist of the gallery.
. In June, departure to Japan with his fiancée Annie Viot.
. Studies japanese gardens.
. Personal exhibition at Gallery Ko in Niigata, Japan.
. Personal exhibition at Mr. Kondo’s Hokuetstu Bank in Nagaoka, Japan.
. In October, marries Annie Viot, met in 1974 during the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture, in the Champs Elysées, Paris.

. Personal exhibition at Mr Kondo’s, Director of the Hokuetstu bank in Nagaoka, Japan. Presents sculptures mixing crystal, wood, stone and steel.
. Encounter with sculptors Motoï, Suzuki, Shimazu, and the collectors Mr. Kawasaki, Suzukura, Haga, etc.
. Returns to France in June. Nine month installation in Foulzy in the Ardennes.
. Birth of his first son Louis-Narito, 16th August, in Charleville Mézières, Ardennes, France.
. Participates in many competitions in public monumental sculpture in the region Champagne-Ardennes.

. The Harada family moves to an artist workshop in Evry, Essonne (South of Paris) France.
< Public commission, paved mosaïc floor of 274 m2 with for the College of Raucourt, Ardennes, France. Architect Rouyer of Sedan.
. Group exhibition in the medieval castle of Sedan, Ardennes, France.
. Group exhibition “28th Salon de la Jeune Sculpture“ in the gardens of Champs Elysées in Paris. Presents «Encounter» Massangis limestone, 100 x 90 x 90.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris.
< Public comission “Seen from, Seen from Back“ made in 1974 in grey granite, 80 x 65 x14, for the preschool of Sedan, Ardennes, France. With architects Halleux, Gotardi and Poirier of Sedan, Ardennes, France.

. 4ème salon d’art contemporain in Fontenay-sous-Bois, Ile de France.
. Group exhibition “30th Salon de la Jeune Sculpture“ in the gardens of Champs Elysée, Paris. Presents “Birth“ in white marble 110 x 80 x 28.
. Group exhibition “L’Art en Plus“ in Evry, Essonne, France, organized by the Ministry of the Culture and Communication.
. Salon de Montrouge near Paris, “Understanding“ wood and steel, H 190.
. Group exhibition at Saint Loup in Auvergne, France.
. 21th Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris. Presents “Dialogue“ in mahogany and Burgundy limestone, 98 x 57 x 42.
. Group exhibition, Salon de Dammarie les Lys, Essonne, France.

. Group exhibition, Salon d’Etampes, Essonne, France.
. Second European Trienniale de Sculpture at the Grand Palais in Paris. Presents “Secret Known by Everyone“ in mahogany and black granite, 95 x 72 x 25.
. Exhibition “L’Art dans la rue“ in Evry, Essonne, on the esplanade of the Agora with sculptors, Feraud, Shama Haber, Medjid Houari, Michel Poix, etc.
. Meets Inoue Bukichi architect and sculptor, coming from Berlin.
. Group exhibition at salon d’art plastiques in Evry, Essonne, wins the honour prize.
. 22th Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris, “Encounter 3“ in plaster, H 2 m.
. Salon of Dammarie les Lys, Essonne, France.
. Salon of Montrouge, Ile de France, “Effusion“ wood, granit and water, 58 x 32 x 24.
. Salon de Corbeil, Essonne, France.
. Group exhibition “Espace Carolle“ at Créteil, Ile de France.
. Competition for the Hakone Museum, Japan.

. Works marble in Carrara, Italy, in the Nicoli workshop. Realizes “Irruption Penetration“ 55 x 42 x 20, black and white marble, etc.
. Personal exhibition in Paris at the Gallery Pierre Lescot, in “les Halles“.
. Guest of honor for the group exhibition at Salon d’Arts Plastiques at Evry, Essonne, France.
. Exhibition of sculptures and drawings in the FIAP Evry with the sculptor Ariel Moscovoci.
. Bienniale d’Art de Sculptures Contemporaines at Croissy-sur-Seine, Ile de France, studies on the ephemeral.
. 23th Salon “Grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui“ at Grand Palais in Paris, “Fault Line 1“ in blue granite with iron ring, 130 x 81 x 20.
. International group exhibition at Sainte-Genevive-des-Bois, Essonne. Organized by Mr. Molinari.
. Salon de Montrouge, Ile de France.
< Public commission for the Collège de Dormans, Champagne, France. realizes “Growth“ monumental sculpture in three volumes, in Burgundy limestone, H 330 x 170 x 140, carved in the quarries of Rocamat, with assistants sculptors Ariel Mocovici and Giro. Organized by the Ministry of Education and architect Degreave of Châlons-sur-Marne
. Group exhibition “Art et Métal“ in Evry, France.
< Public commission for the preschool “La lanterne“ in Evry, Essonne. Realizes a mineral garden in grey granite with architect Stanislas Fiszer of Paris. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education.
. Public commission for the High School Cantau in Anglet-Biarritz, Pays Basque. Carves a monumental landscape sculpture “Atlantic“. Many elements placed in a circle : “Sun“ diam : 330 x 110, “Waves, Roots, Rocks“ : 500 x 170 x 140, “Waves, Roots, Rocks“ 500 x 240 x 110, using grey Sidobre granite from the Pyrénées (80 tons of granite reduced to 50 tons of finished sculpture). Works for 18 months in the Bousquet Marbrerie in Bayonne with assistants sculptors Xavier Boggio and Gildas Berthelot. Architects Lefèvre and Fougeroux of Paris. Order from the Ministry of Education.
. Salon of Dammarie les Lys, Ile de France.

. Meet Isamu Noguchi at Kasahara Gallery in Osaka, Japan.
< Public commission for the Cultural Center in Sedan, Ardennes, France. “Soap Bubbles“, Five cubic sculptures placed in circle in the entrance, admitting people and blocking cars. Made in grey Sidobre granite cubes from the Pyrénées 40 x 40 x 50 cm. With architects Haleux Gottardi and Poirier and the City of Sedan.
< Public commission for the Primary School at Murigny-South in Reims, Champagne, France. Realises a sculpted floor “The Japanese Steps“ 10 m x 5 m, mixing different types of stone. With architect Jacques Sohier of Reims, and the Ministry of Education.
. Salon de Montrouge, Ile de France. “Compression 1“ in black granite 60 x 60 x 20.
. Salon “des Réalités Nouvelles“ in Paris, work : “The Fault Line 2“, in black marble, 70 x 30 x 35.
. Exhibition “Exposition 83“ at “la Maison des Artistes“, rue Beyrrier Paris 8th Arrondissement. Presents “The Fault Line 3“ in black marble, 70 x 30 x 35.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris, “Germ“ in granite, H 180 x 150 x 10.
. Group exhibition in Reims at the “Hospital Center“ organised by the Ministry of Culture. Exhibition of many sculptures in marble and mixed media.
< Realizes of a low relief artistic wall in duralumin for the Lycée Cantau, L 10m H 5m, with the students in metal workshop of the technical high school.
< Official inauguration of the monumental sculpture “ Atlantic,“ 50 tons, in Biarritz for the Lycée Cantau, Pays Basque.
. Birth of his second son, Jean-César, Minoru, September 16th in Bayonne,Pays Basque, France.
< Installation of “Silence and the Sea“ in granite, 150 x 90 x 70, realized in 1970, for the Middle School Yasuda in Shodoshima, Kagawa, Japan.
. Creation of many sculptures (Immersion, Irruption, Effusion, Incubation, Fault Line, Galaxy, etc) mainly focused on mother earth, her strength, her resources. Study of volcanos, deserts, etc.

. Exhibition “Anima 84“ at ARPA Center in Paris.
< Realization, with 14 year old pupils, of low relief in wood, H 250 x 700 cm, works at Collège Montesquieu in Evry, Essonne to sensitize pupils to the plastic arts .
. Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris. Presents “Incubation VI“ in black marble, 38 x 26 x 24.
. Salon de Montrouge, Ile de France. Presents “Incubation“ black granite 42 x 40 x 29.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris. Presents “Incubation 6“ in white marble, 110 x 90 x 45.
. Participation in an art commission for Evry Prefecture (Essonne). Project of a low relief on the wall, H : 20 meters.
< Public commission for Collège de Nouvion sur Meuse, Ardennes, France. Realization of a tiled coloured floor and volumes on 350m2 inside the entrance, a “play and relax space“. Architect Charlot of Charleville-Mézières.
. First prize for the Bienniale d’Art Contemporain in Croissy-sur-Seine, Yvelines, with “Incubation 4“ in white marble, “Dry fountain” in terracotta and pebbles.
. Sketches in pencil frottages (earth rubbing) augmented by his own touch, drawings, paintings, collages, etc.

< Prize winner of the European Commission (78 participants), organized by the Municipality of Nanterre, Ile de France. Realization of a monumental sculpture dedicated to “the Resistance and the Deportation“ (Second World War) in grey granite and pebbles, H 450. Placed next to the City Hall, rue du 8 mai 1945.
. “European Sculptures“, group exhibition at the Museum of Maubeuge, North region, France.
< International Biennial Festival at the Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos in Athens, Greece. Relization of “Landscape 7“, a environmental landscape sculpture, 700 x 120 in white marble and cailloux. He paints a Land Art installation in the sea, on the rocks and on the cliffs of Skironio beneath the Modern Art Museum, Greece.
. Salon “Grands et jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris. Presents “Polychromic Landscape IV“, blue granite, stones, acrylic colours 90 x 60 x 12.
. Group exhibition “100 Sculpteurs Face au Public“ at Saint Cloud, Hauts de Seine.
. Group exhibition “Sculptures Petits Formats“ at the Gallery Athis Mons, Essonne.
. Group exhibition of six sculptors at the Chapelle Saint Léonard in Croissy-sur-Seine, Yvelines.
. Group exhibition “Japanese Artists from Paris“ at Brie sur Marne, south of Paris.

. Acquires a factory in 4 rue Pihet, Paris near Bastille (75011) and transforms it into a studio.
. Starts teaching “Art and Representation“ at L’Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles, EAV., Ile de France.
. Exhibition ARPA-AIAP (Architecture Arts-Plastiques Industrie) at Unesco, Paris, France.
. Teaches at CESI adults engineering School in 86/87, in Evry, Ile de France
. Group exhibition VARIA at the Gare de l’Est in Paris. Presents «Landscape III» polychrome granite and pebbles 60 x 60 x 12.
. Personal exhibition at Gallery Garo in Niigata, Japan. Presents drawings and rubbing drawings.
. First prize, group exhibition of Savigny-le-Temple, Seine et Marne, France.
. Personal exhibition with 25 sculptures in the Chapelle Saint Léonard in Croissy-sur-Seine, Yvelines. Presents «Dry Fountain» in terracotta and pebbles, many low reliefs in terracotta and many sculptures in stone and mixed materials.
. Salon “Grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui“ au Grand Palais in Paris, “Landscape 18“ in wood and pebbles, 54 x 30 x 10.
< Public commission, realization of “Fountain”, H 300, basins 800 x 600, made of grey granite encrusted with pink granite, pebbles. Totems H 300, placed in the quartier des Vertes Voyes in Sainte Ménéhould, Champagne, France. Organized by the Ministry of Education and the City of Sainte Ménéhould.
. The family moves from the studio in Evry, to the studio in 11th Arrondissement, Paris.

< Invited to the Bienniale and permanent exhibition at Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, near Athens, Greece. Realizes an installation in the shape of a bench including an olive tree and a rock: symbol of life and courage, diam. 5 m. Also realizes an installation in white marble and pulverized marble, 500 x 120.
. Group exhibition for the 10th anniversary of Gallery Pierre Lescot, les Halles, Paris.
. Organization and participation in the Symposium de l’éphémère of Croissy-sur-Seine, Ile de France, installation with a happening in collaboration with actors of theater Ecole du Mime Marceau, around a tree with a bench and white marble gravel, diam. 650.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris, “Landscape 23“, blue granite, stones, acrilic colours, 60 x 60 x 70.
. Personal exhibition “Japanese Week“ at the Hotel Ponsardin at the Chamber of Commerce of Reims, Champagne. Exhibits outside in the garden and inside on two floors, sculptures and drawings.
. Personal exhibition with drawings and photos-collages, scupltures and installations at the city hall of Savigny-le-Temple near Paris. He makes and exhibit photo-montages inserting his sculptures in the city.
. Personal exhibition at the Garo Gallery in Niigata, Japan. Presents drawings rubbings made during journeys in Spain and France.

< Public commission for the city of Fresnes, Val de Marne. Realization of an aquascape sculpture “Fountain” in red granite, H 300, square water basins of 800 x 800 and 600 x 600, in front of the city hall.
. Group exhibition “Prestige du Granit“ in Mauléon, Vendée, France. Presents “Landscape 22” in granite, 135 x 35 x 33.
. Group exhibition of bronzes at the Gallery Intervention in Toulon, France.
. Teaches fine art at IFAM (Institut de Formation en Architecture et Aménagement de l’Espace) Ile-de-France region, from 1988 to 1991.
< Public commission for the Technical High School Georges Brassens in Evry-Courcouronnes, Essonne. Realizes an environmental sculpture “Carved Hill”, diam. 32 meters, sculpted sitting room in granite at the top, with pink pebbled yard, chairs and blocks of 3 metres. Organized by the Ministry of Education, with architect Loiseau in Vincennes.
. Personal exhibition of drawings, rubbings, sculptures made of metal paint, in the Garo Gallery in Niigata, Japan.
< Commission by Foncier Conseil for the entrance to their headquarters. Realization of a wall, L 750, H 120, using concrete and pink granite from the Taissy area near Reims, Champagne.
. Goup exhibition in Paris-Belleville at the CFDT Center.
. Teaches plastic art at IFAM at Nanterre (Institut de formation en architecture et aménagement de l’espace pour la région Ile-de-France) from 1988 to 1991.

< Public commission for the “Hôtel des Impôts“ of Saint Brieuc, Brittany region. Realizes a landscape sculpture “Mineral garden“ on the Earth Weaving concept. 47 tons of pink granite, totems of 5 meters, 80 m2 pavement in pink granite, pyramid, steps, ring tied with the Earth. Organized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with architect Caron in Nantes.
< Public commission for the high school “Lycée polyvalent“ of Basse-Goulaine in Loire-Atlantique, France. Organized by the Ministry of Education, with architect Pélerin in Nantes. Realization of a monumental sculpture “Theatral sculpture“ on the Earth Weaving concept, first part : 4 blocks H 300, 250, 240, 210 cm and a square dry basin 750 x 750 cm in pink granite, for pupils to gather.
. Group exhibition “Sculptures in Belleville-Ménilmontant” at CFDT Center Paris-Belleville.
< Public commission for the “Hôtel de Police“ of Châlons-sur-Marne, Champagne, France. Realization of “The gateway“ H 6 m, in granite with a mineral garden. Organised by the Ministry of Interior, with the architects Bigot, Lecompte, Poirier of Reims.

< Public commission for the City of Kyowa-Akita, Japan. Realization of a landscape sculpture in pink granite “The River“ on the Earth Weaving concept, composed of a suite of three sculptures : “The Cascade” 300 x 90 x 80, “The River” 260 x 140 x 80 and “The River Bed” 90 x 90 x 60, 15 tons, 80 m2 paving made of pink granite. Organized by M. Tamada and Nakanoya.

. Winner of the international sculpture competition for the Winter Olympic Games in Alberville“ (46 participants) for the City of Bourg Saint Maurice in Savoie, France. Project of a “Sculpture for Peace“ in the entrance of the city
< Realization of a monumental sculpture “Earth Weaving“ in one block in blue granite “The Big Earth“, (earth, crater, cloud, pipeline and fire) H 220, 15 tons, “Kawasaki Shokai petroleum“ in Shibata, Niigata, Japan.
. Creation of many human size sculptures, like “Stone Age“, black granite 110 x 100 x 80, “Wind“ blue granite 173 x 95 x 40, “Stone Age 2“ black granite 160 x 90 x 30.
. Numerous artistic propositions for the japanese national ecological program. The first project is the Cultural Park of Tazawako near the volcano “Komagatake“.
. Group exhibition, Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris. Present “Stone age” in blue granite.

< Symposium of Plouguerneau in Brittany, France. Realization of a monumental landscape sculpture in grey granite, H 230, installed on the seafront.
< Public commission for the for Kajigawa, Niigata, Japan. Realization of a monumental sculpture for peace “The 38th Parallel“. The 38 parallel separates North Korea and South Korea. The city Kajigawa wanted an artwork dedicated to Peace exactly on this parallel, H 400, sphere 120 , axe 100, floor 570 x 500.
. Group exhibition salon “Grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui“ at the Grand Palais in Paris.
. Public commission for the “Specialized Hospital Centre“ in Châlons-sur-Marne, Marne, France.
< Realization of “Motherhood”, a sculpture wall in cast concrete with low reliefs, H 350, L 1000, in the reception hall. With the architect Planchon of Châlons-en-Champagne, Marne, France.
. Organization of a study travel with 10 students in Japan, with the participation of the Japanese Foundation and the Ministry of Education. Visited the architects Ando, Ito, Kitagawara, Kume, Ikehara, Tange.
. Organized exchanges with the schools of architecture of Tokyo, Kyoto, Niigata. Survey of the modern and traditional aspects of Japan. The student team created an exhibition “Carnet de voyage“, which was presented in many universities in France where Harada gave conferences.
. Carved in granite many human size sculptures in Lanhélin, Brittany.
. Within the national ecological program, visited many sensitive sites throughout the country (tsunami, earthquake, mountain cascade, overflowing river, volcano, etc.). Brings an artistic view to the engineers.

< Organization and participation in the first “International Sculpture Symposium on Brittany Granite“ in Lanhélin, the historical quarrying place of blue granite in Brittany, France. Carves “Earth Weaving“ in blue granite H 370. Invited sculptors Liebard Yann, Prentice Mickael.
. Second Biennial “d’Art contemporain et de littérature” in the new city of Sénart near Paris.
< International Symposium “Souterre d’ici“ in the quarry of Taingy, Burgundy, France. Carves in limestone 400 x 120 x 90. Invited sculptors : Aldana-Mendez, Beauvais, Fleissig, Harada, Kovanic, Liebard, Moscovici, Peignot, Tholon, Vaillant.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ au Grand Palais in Paris. Presents “The Ring“ blue granite 48 x 45 x 30.

< Private commission by Dr. Hozumi for the Akita Kastuhiraen Hospital which practices artotherapy. Realizes a monumental landscape sculpture “Protective Hand“ on “the Earth Weaving” concept. Blue granite, H : 250 x 160 x 80, floor 350 x 250, placed in the entry of the hospital park.
< Private commission for the T.A.C. “Tokyo Athletic Club“, in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan. Realizes “Muscles“ on “the Earth Weaving” concept, H 260, half ring H 70, 20 tons, in pink granite. Coll. Masamura.
. Meet Louise Bourgeois in her studio in New-York.
. Project of a fountain in the reception hall for the Hospital Robert Debré in Reims, Champagne.
. Group exhibition in Ploumelec, Brittany, France.
. Projects for the “International Convention Center“ in Singapore. Submitted seven proposals for the esplanade with landscape and aquascape integrated sculptures.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ au Grand Palais in Paris, “Fusion“ in pink granite, 43 x 41 x 78.

< Tetsuo Harada’s major artwork : “the Earth Weaving“ for the Tazawako dam. An environmental sculpture in granite integrated on the dam. Ordered by the Japanese Ministry of Equipment as the first realization of the Japanese ecological program. Inaugurated on October 19th. The artwork is made of four types of red and pink granite. With its waves, roots, links, rocks, sun, it stands in harmony with the dam, the mountain of Tazawako city and Komagatake volcano. Law relief, 120 meters in length, 16 meters high, around 500 polished pieces produced in Madras, India and Brittany, France, transported by boat and truck into the Akita mountain at about 1200 m of altitude.
Also free standing landscape sculpture. On the right side of the dam : “Frienship bench“, circle 6 m, platform 25m2, in massive black granite. On the left side, a blue granite scupture “River“ H 2,9 m, floor 36 m2. In the entrance “le Tricot du Parc Culturel“, H 4m, surface 12 x 12 m, in pink granite.
. Participation in a competition for the artistic renovation of Geneva University buildings. In collaboration with Hubert Lempereur and Laurent Piron, architects. The project was exhibited at the Art and History Museum of Geneva.
< Public commission for the Conseil General of Herault Department. Realizes a landscape sculpture on the “Earth Weaving“ concept. 77,5 m long, 41 m large, 3,5 m high, in 42 tons of pink granite, on both side of the highway in Montpellier, France. With Jean-Paul Vignes, landscape architect; assistants sculptors: Bruno Panas, Patrice Leguen; assistants architects Stanislas Roux et Hubert Lempereur.

< Realization of a monumental sculpture for the entrance of the Cultural Park of Tazawako, Akita, Japan.
. Purchase and renovate a huge grain silo made in the 30’s in Fresnay l’Evêque, Eure-et-Loir, between Chartres and Orléans, Centre region. Transforming the silo into a sculpting studio and exhibition space.
. Salon d’Automne at the Eiffel Space, Paris. Presents “Landscape 96“, 100 x 60 x 30, in wood and white marble.
. Salon “Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui“ in Paris. Presents “Incubation“ in blue granite 55 x 40 x 40.
. Creation of many sculptures in wood, stone, metal and large paintings using mineral or metal powders.
. Japanse national prize for the best work “for a dynamic city“, for the monumental sculpture “38th parallel“.

. Project of a personal exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, Art museum in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. Supported by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and Gem Granite.
. Retrospective Harada “30 years of creation“, personal exhibition at Gallery de Nesle, near rue de Seine in Paris 6th Arrondissement. On three floors (500 m2) presents sculptures, paintings, drawings, pastels, photos, models, from mai 22nd to 31st.
. Project of a landscape sculpture integrating scientific and ecological needs for the Kakonda river in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Project under the autority of the Ministry of Equipment, develloped with a team public works engineers.
< Realization of a landscape sculpture “Stratifications“ in pink granit, 19 tons, L 500 x l 375 x H 220 cm for a geology research company “Kôwa“ in Niigata, Japan.
. Creation of many sculptures in white marble, wood, iron etc. “Desire“ 155 x 75 x 40, white marble “Big Wave“ la grande vague, 500 x 40, pink granite, “Dialogue“ 170 x 40 x 22, pink granite, “Stone Fallen from Sky“ 100 x 85 x 30 cm, pink granite.

. Project of a landscape sculpture for Fleury-les-Aubrays in Orleans, where architect Wilmotte is in charge of the global development for the new tramway, Centre Region, south of Paris. Harada exhibits his project at the town hall.
< Inauguration of the Botanic Garden in Niitsu City, commissioned by Niigata Prefecture. Creation of a fully integrated stone artwork (100 tons) on the Earth Weaving concept “The Four Seasons“ base 12 m x 12 m, H 4 m in pink granite carve at Gad in Brittany. Assistants sculptors : Bruno Panas and Patrice Leguen.
. Personal exhibition of granite sculptures in N.A.F. Niitsu Art Forum Contemporary Art Museum, Niigata, Japan.
. Personal exhibition of granite sculpture at Fudanji Temple, Niitsu, Niigata, Japan.
< Installation of “Frienship”to the Middle School of Kanazu in Niitsu-Niigata, Japan. Black granite, 107 x 52 x 35.
. Personal exhibition of sculptures and paintings at Mac 2000, Espace Eiffel, Paris. Presents many sculptures in bronze, marble, wood, metal and low relief in wood, paintings.

. Participation to the competition “Desaparecidos“ organized by Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
. Group exhibition at “Vittel d’Art 99“ in Vittel, Alsace, France.
< International Symposium in Farum, Denmark. Realization of a monumental landscape sculpture “The Earth Weaving“ in pink granit, 10 m long, H 2,7 m, 3 m, in three parts, with Narito Harada as assistant sculptor. Organized by city of Farum and Yael Artsi, Israeli sculptor. Invited sculptors : Yaël Artsi, Nicolas Bertoux, Tetsuo Harada, Jun-Ichi Inoue, Jesper Neergaard, Cynthia Sah, Pal Svensson, Kemal Tufan. The sculptures stand in the “International Skulpturpark Farum“.
. Salon Itinéraires at Levallois-Peret city hall. Presents sculptures in pink granit.
. Personal exhibition at Mac 2000 in Paris, Espace Eiffel with white and black sculptures and drawings.
< Primary school Daïsan Chogakko in Niitsu, Niigata. Installation of “Earth 1“, 45 x 40 x 28 and “Earth 2“, 60 x 50 x 40, in black granite, placed at the entrance to the school.
< Fudanji Temple, in Niitsu, Niigata. Installation of “Meditation“ in yellow granit, 70 x 40 x 30.
< Installed sculptures on the promenade which surrounds Niitsu City Hall, Niigata. Installation of “Energy“ in brown saphor granite, 70 x 60 x 50 and of “Germination“ 70 x 45 x 40.
< Retirement house of Hasagi, Niitsu, Niigata. Installation of “Harmony“ in black granit, 75 x 70 x 40, in the entrance garden.
< Primary school Mannichi, in Niitsu, Niigata. Installation of “Landscape” in black granit, 120 x 75 x 45.
< High School Niitsu-Niigata, Installation of “Volcano”in red granite 90 x 90 x 40.

. Group exhibition at Salon Urbest (urban art) in Metz,Lorraine, France.
. Personal exhibition in the Leiden Hortus Botanicus (world oldest botanical garden) for the commemoration of “400 Years of the Relationship Between The Netherlands and Japan“. 19 sculptures in granite and marble presented in the garden during 10 months, inaugurated by the Emperor and Emperatrice of Japan and the Queen Beatrix on May 25th in Leiden.
. Personal exhibition at the “Viaduc des Arts Gallery“ Bastille, Paris. Presents paintings, frottages, drawings, bronzes sculptures. Invites the painter Kaneko Teruko.
. Project for the Niigata “Big Swan“, football stadium for the 2002 Football World Cup in Japan and Korea. Proposal of a landscape design in granite on 200 meters long.
. Participates in many French art competitions : Media sculptures, 16 m high, for the Palais des Congrès of Villepinte (winner). Mineral garden for a College in the Yvelines. Lansdcape/aquascape for the Porte Maillot in Paris. Project for the Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon.
. Group exhibition “Paris Artist’s Salon“ with 22 artists from Paris, organised by Lilya, artist painter at “Greeley Square Gallery“, 32 West 31st Street, New-York, U.S.A.

. Personal exhibition in Chartres, France. 28 sculptures in granite or marble presented in the Gardens of the Cathedral, organized by the City, under the Patronage of the Japanese Embassy.
. Personnal exhibition of 30 drawings of the Cathedral of Chartres, in the Bell Tower Jehan de Beauce “Hommage to the Builders of the Cathedrale of Chartres“, organised by Paul Trouilloux and MONUM (Monuments historiques, Ministry of Culture).
. Project of a personal exhibition “38th Parallel, the Horizon“ for the Olympic Games of Athens,Greece, with Maria Polychronopoulos, Curator of Skironio Museum and Kiffisia Contemporary Sculpture Park. In relation with the Embassies, the Greek Ministry for Culture and the Partners for Art and Culture Olympiades.
. Personal exhibition at Mac 2000 in Paris, Espace Auteuil, France.
. Exhibition “Sans Frontières“ at Kawasaki near Tokyo, Japan. Presents “Landscape 3“ (1987, granite and pebbles 60 x 60 x 12) and “Paysages 4“ (1985, granite and pebbles 90 x 60 x 12).
. Open studio at Fresnay l’Evêque studio, Eure-et-Loir, France.

. “Contemporary Art Days“ organized by the city of Chartres, open studio.
. Guest of honour at the salon “Art et Matière“ at Maisse, Essonne, France.
. Group exhibition “Printemps de la Sculpture à Chantilly“ in the gardens of the City Hall.
. Group exhibition “Troisième Festival de Sculptures Monumentales“ at Sainte Geneviève des Bois, Essonne.
. Personnal exhibition at Mac 2000 Auteuil-Paris.
. Exhibition of “Japanese Artists“ at Nantes, Loire-Atlantique for Sister-Cities Nantes, France / Niigata, Japan.

. Scenography and realization of a land art “Les champs de la Beauce“ in Louville la Chenard, Eure-et-Loir, France, in the plain of Beauce near Chartres. On 5 hectares, use a hundred varieties of plants, in collaboration with two farmers, Hervé Mardelet and Claude Viollette. Eight sculptures decorated the promenades. More than 7.000 visitors. Beginning of plantations in October 2002, harvest in August 2003.
< Realization of the sculpture “Window of the Heart“ in the Fudanji Temple, Niitsu, Niigata. Composition of wood and painted metal, H 450, ground 400 x 400, with César Minoru Harada as assistant (Coll. Kobayashi).
. Group exhibition at the Capazza Galery in Nancay as a Permanent Artist.
. Personnal exhibition at OPAC at Reims, France.
. Group exhibition at Salon of Fresnes City, Ile de France. Presents three sculptures in metal.
. Group exhibition at Orléans, Loiret, France, “Socles en Stock“ at Campo Santo. Presents a sculpture-painting inspired by the slaughters in Irak.
. Group exhibition “Expo 109” at 11th bienniale at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Presents “Anemone“ welded metal 94 x 44 x 32, “Fluid“ 118 x 38 x 33, “The cage” 26 x 25 x 25.
. Exhibition “3P“ at “l’Espace Culturel Zabukovec“ in Evreux, Eure, France.
. Exhibition “Sans Frontières“ at Kawasaki near Tokyo, Japan. Presents “Overflowing“ in black granite 36 x 24 x 24, “Fluid Landscape“ in black granite and metal 121 x 19 x 16 and “Flow 2“ 60 x 16 x 10.

. Group exhibition at the Regional Museum of Bandaï City in Niigata, Japan, “100 artists of Niigata“. Presents “In the Box“ in painted wood 35 x 35 x 35.
. Open studio in Fresnay l’Evêque, Eure-et-Loir, Presents his work and invites Bernard Foucher, sculptor and Harry Kampianne, painter.
. Personal exhibition at the town hall at Janville, Eure et Loir. Presents human scale outdoor sculptures within the event “Les champs de la Beauce 2003“.
< Realization of “Birth and Life“, monumental sculpture in stainless steel for the Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences in Niigata, Japan. Three elements : “The Life” 285 x 130 x 125, “Growth” 305 x 80 x 65, “Together” 105 x 185 x 105.
. Scenography and sowing for the Land Art within “Les Champs de la Beauce 2005“ in Autheuil, Eure-et-Loir on 5 hectares.
. Group exhibition at the Capazza Galery in Nancay as a Permanent Artist.
. Group exhibition at Kawasaki, Japan. Presents two painted stainless steel “Eggs”.
. Participation to international competitions : Dublin Port, Ireland - Brest Cultural Center, France - Garden of Chaumont-sur-Loire, France.

. Group exhibition at Saint Nom la Breteche 78 France- With Christo, Soulages, Morellet, De Guimaraes, Degottex, Strba, Vogel, Pras, Tropea, Attal, Marie, Asker, Vidalain, Houari, Andrade.
. Cesar HARADA realize the monographie HARADA in three languages - English -- Japanese -- French -- He realizes three films to present his work and conception with film and printing.
. Group exhibition at the Capazza Galery in Nancay for “30 years birthday“ as a Permanent Artist on the theme “Eros“.
. Land Art “Les Champs de la Beauce 2005“, second edition, in Autheuil near Chateaudun (Eure-et-Loir). Vegetal sculpture in Thierry Chateignier’s fields. On 5 hectares, uses about 50 sorts of plants (nourishing plants, medicinal, aromatic, energetics, industrial plants, renewable energies plants) within the first “Euro Land Art Festival“. Tetsuo Harada works with enginers, farmers Hervé Mardelet, Claude Viollette Thierry Chateignier. Around 15000 visitors, three sculpted installations in the promenades. Beginning of plantations 15 September 2004 harvest in October 2005.
. Personnal exhibition at Niitsu Museum of Art NAF, Japan “Harada’s 35 Years of Work in Europe“, 52 sculptures and paintings created in France.
. Personnal exhibition at Niigata Convention Center, Toki Messe. 22 sculptures in stone and wood exhibited in the entrance of the hall.
< Carves “Momotaro“ a monumental landscape sculpture for Niigata University of Health and Welfare. Curved at Générale du Granit in Louvigné du Désert in Brittany, 37 tons, in pink granite, «Grandparents» 380 x 170 x 100, “Union” 380 x 170 x 50, “Momo 1” 375 x 267 x 80, “Momo 2” 395 x 267 x 80. Commissioned by Niigata University of Health and Welfare, «Niigata Iriofukuchi Daïgaku» in Shimani-Niigata, Japan.
. Personal exhibition at the Museum MON, Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, at Nagaoka, Niigata. Presents sculptures, paintings, drawing and a film from César Harada on the «Land Art of 2003 and 2005» from Harada in France. Symposium on «Nature-Humans-Art».
< Realization of a landscape “The Earth Weaving” at Niitsu in front of the train station. Monumental sculpture of 40 tons in pink granit.
. Publication of Harada Tetsuo’s monography

. Group exhibition at the Capazza Galery in Nancay, France.
. Open his studio at Fresnay l'Evêque.
. Conférence to ENSAV - Ecole Nationale supérieure d'architeure of Versailles "around a book" with Tetsuo the father and César Minoru the sun, auteur of the monographie Harada.
. Sister school Ecole d'architecture of Versailles and the KIT - Kyoto Institue of Technology.
. Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, at the librairie Flammarion, present his monographie and films by César Minoru Harada. Installation in the vitrine with books on the theme "Earth weaving" from october 25th to november 13th.Cesar HAarada presents his films made for the monography : Forme - Ligne volume - Les champs de la Beauce Fiels of the Beauce -
- Grand Palais in Champs Elysees in Paris shows the two eggs in metal cut by laser, from november 9th to 19th.

- Personnal exhibition at «Centre d’art et de culture in Meudon, near Paris, march 2nd to april 14th. Installation, sculpture, drawings, paintings, on the theme «Earth Weaving».
- Personnal exhibition at his studio at Fresnay l’Evêque, south of Paris 90km, june 23 to july 2nd.
- «Biennale 109», cultural center Valery-Larbaud in Vichy. apri 21 to june10.
- «Villers d’art 2007» Parc and galery of the Chateau de Madame de Graffigny at Villers les Nancy-Meuse 54, june 23 to august 25 août. Others artists Angel-Peres, Batbedat, Cibot, Dietrich Mohr, Courier, Hervelin, Jarvet, Kishida, Kiss, Mellinguer, Monfleur, Scrive, Sangan, Subira Puig, Zorko)
- «Biennale de sculpture at Yerres» 91, at Caillebotte Castel and gardens, september 15th to december 2nd. «41 SCULPTEURS CONTEMPORAINS» Claude Abeille, Robert Couturier, Antoine Poncet, Francesco Marino Di Teana, Jean Cardot, Parvin Curie, Marta Pan, Dietrich Mohr, Eugnene Dodeigne, Albert Feraud, Robert Fachard, Alberto Guzman, Caroline Lee, Tetsuo Harada, José Soubira Puig, Nicolas Alquin, Jean Anguera, Vincent Batbedat, Martine Boileau, Agnès Bracquemont, Denis Monfleur, Philippe Hiquily, Daniel Hourdé, Axel Cassel, Michel Charpentier, William Chattaway, Lisbeth Delisle, Pierre Edouard, Quentin Garel, Roseline Granet, Martine Martine, Claude Mary, Raymond Mason, Reinhoud, Marie Christine Remmery, Jean Pierre Rives, Jean Roulland, Jean Michel Solves, Brigitte Terziev, Yvan Theimer.
- Grand Palais des Champs Elysées, Salon “Comparaisons 2007” november 22th to december 2nd 2007. Commissaire Jean Zabukovec, artist sculptor. Exhibites a wood and metal sculpture that we can touch.
- 13th Biennale 109, at Cité Interantionale des arts -18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris . Commisaire Gisèle Lacroix. From december 12th to 23th. Exhibites 3 italien white marble sculptures : Torse, Annonciation, Abdomen.

- BRAFA in Brussels with the Gallery Martel Greiner, January 23 to February 1st, exhibites "Love 2" in gray marble.
- Personnal exhibition at Gallery Martel-Greiner, 71 bd Raspail Paris 75006. From february 28th to March 29th. 21 sculptures : wood, marble, onyx, paintings and drawings mixed colle pencil or colours. Catalog for this exhibition. Permanent artist of the Gallery.
- Exhibition at the Gallery Vergers de l'Art, 14 rue du Perche 75003 Paris from March 25th to 31st during the cultural japanese week for arts celebrates 150 years of French-Japanese friendship. Organiser Jean Bernard Chardel painter.
- Lille Art Fair (European Fair of Contemporary Art) from April 24 to 27 with the Gallery Martel Greiner, exhibites "Desire 2008" black marble from Belgium and a drawing pencil and glue.
- Participes at the competition at Academy of Fine Arts for the seat of Stahly.
- Personnal exhibition at his studio at Fresnay l'Evêque, south of Paris 90km, june 21 to 29.
- Tiva.tv from Germany did a reportage "sex ohne sex" in his studio in Fresnay l'Eveque.
- Participation in Montreal at the 80 anniversairy of the relations between Canada and Japan. Conference for "His 40 years of sculptures" july 29th.
- Salon d'automne at Espace Franklin in Elbeuf 76, from november 8 to 23. Honnor invited sculptor.
- Musée d'art et d'histoire of the Meudon city, exhibition named "d'acier, de bois et de pierre" (metal, wood, stone) sculptors Dietrich Mohr, José Subira-Puig and Tetsuo Harada. Catalog of the exhibition by curators Mr Mrs Villadier.
- France 3 Orleans television organized by Brigitte Rivoire a film named "The Harada sculpture do not leave you as cool stone".
- Grand Palais, Champs Elysees Paris, Art en Capital, November 22 to 30, exhibites "Love 1" white marble and "Love 2 " gray marble.

- BRAFA in Brussels with the Gallery Martel Greiner, January 23 to February 1st, exhibites "Rencontre1976" in wood.
- Inaugurates his "Garden of sculptures" at the same time he celebrates his birthday for 60 years at his studio at Fresnay l'Eveque on June 12
- Second biennale of Sculpture" at Yerres city in Essonne in the Caillebotte gardens, Commisaire Lydia Harembourg, September 17 to November 29. Catalog "73 contemporary sculptors". He exhibites "Astral fluid" in blue granite.
- Participates at Pavillon des arts at the Tuileries gardens with Gallery Martel Greiner, April 1 to 4, exhibites "Meeting 76" in oak.
- Salon des collectionneurs at the Grand Palais in Paris with the Gallery Martel Greiner from September 11 to 20. Exhibites "Rencontre 79" oak.
- Art en Capital at the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees, group Comparaisons, November 4 to 8, exhibies "Hatching 1" in white marble "Hatching 3" black granite with gold leaf.
- " Biennial 109 at the Cite Internationale des Arts, November 26 to December13, exhibites 3 sculptures in wood and metal mixed, "Overflow, " "Abundant", "Tight".
- Personal exhibition Gallery Leonardo Clerici in the "Istituto di Skriptura" Brussels, 6 rue Jacques Jordaens, from December 12 to January 31 2010. Exhibites 5 sculptures in marble and granite and 75 drawings. Catalog, text by Leonardo Clerici.

- Art Paris at Grand Palais in Paris with Gallery Kalman Makláry Fine Art, 18 to 22 March, he exhibites three sculptures and drawings, with Judit Reigl, Hantaï, Sandorfi, Szobel, Yengibarian...
- Museum Marcel Desal at Dreux Eure, group exhibition "Art and egg" March 27 to October 3. He exhibites two big yellow eggs in steel and sculptures looking eggs in granite, metal, with Bernard Blaise, Benoit et Sandrine Coignard, Milcovitch Mircea. http://www.flickr.com/photos/annieharada/page3/
- Exhibition at DATRIS Foundation at Isle sur la Sorgue from April to August with Michel ARGOUGES, Laurent BAUDE, Bruno BIENFAIT, Laurence BONNEL, Nisa CHEVENEMENT, CIRIS-VELL, Philippe DESLOUBIERES, Karl-Heinz DIEGNER, Henri-François DUMONT, Alfieri GARDONE, Ans HEY, Ariel MOSCOVICI, Elisabeth OULES, Marie-Françoise RADOVIC-DOUILLARD, Nicolas SANHES, Jean SUZANNE.
- Salon de Mai in Marais at Space of Commines, May 24 to 30, exhibites "Tripod" wood and gold.
- Art en Capital at the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees, group Comparaisons, November 24 to 28, exhibites "Maternity" wood and gold, "Venus" black granite and gold.
- "Small Format" at Zabu Center at St. Germain des Angles near Evreux, 27 November to 6 January 2011, exhibites 3 bronzes "Helmet","Meditation", "Churn".

- Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier in Paris, "Views of obsidian" Tetsuo Harada exhibits "Wrap" H17x28x14cm in obsidian black stone from 21 January to April 2011 with Matilde Bretillot designer Roland Daraspe goldsmith, Marion Fillancq journeyman glassmaker, Olivier Gagne`re architect, designer Christian Ghion , Tetsuo Harada sculptor, Arik Levy, Patrick Nadeau architect, designer Elie Papiernik, Nestor Perkal architect, designer Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Flavien Thery designer, Jean-Baptiste Blanc Sibertin organizer and designer Michel Der Agobian, publisher of art-valuables.
- Guest of Honour exhibits at Ligne et couleur frm March 18th to 28th 2011, at the Cityhall 75006, 78 Rue Bonaparte. Exhites "Maternity" H172x60x12cm, "Venus " H151x61x43cm, black granite and "Light" H38x19x12cm, in bronze.
- Salon de Mai, from 16 to 22 May 2011, at Espace des Commines Paris 11eme, exhibites "Ginkgo Leaf" "mahogany" and gold leaf. Dimensions H 169 x 109 x 22 cm.
- Exhibition at the Fondation de Coubertin, at Saint Remi les Chevreuxe, in the Fondation's gardens "Valley" gray granite 290x82x46cm, "Mist" in Carrara marble 193x25x32 cm. Ms. Curator Montalbetti.
- Villa Datris, Danielle Marcovici et Tristan Fourtine organize at Isle sur la Sorgue "sculptures plurielles" from June 2nd to November 13th. 65 sculptors exhibite 115 contemporary sculptures.
- Chateau des Ormes with Dr. Abbou, organized by Lydia Harambourg (86220 - Les Ormes, between Tours and Chatellerault) from July 1st to October 15th. Philippe Amiel, Francesco Marino Di Teana, Jean Suzanne. Tetsuo Harada presents "Earth Weaving 2009" in blue granite Lanhélin and "Germination 2005" in gray granite.
- Personal exhibition "The singing stone" in 63450 Saint Saturnin Auvergne. Tetsuo Harada presents over 40 sculptures. September 3 to September 30 in the auditorium of the tourist office and in the gardens of Chateau Royal. Organized by Isabelle Van Praagh Association for "Jours de Lumieres".
- Bienniale 109, from September 22 to October 2 at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. Presents two sculptures of wood and metal "Couple" mahogany and black granite inlaid with gold, "Madame" in white Carrara marble and mahogany.
- Art en Capital at the Grand Palais des Champs Elysees, group Comparaisons, November 24 to 28, exhibites "Armature" wood and gold, "Daruma" black granite and gold.

- Exhibition at the 29th week of contemporary art in Saint Mandé 94160 from June 2nd to 17th Tetsuo Harada presents thirty sculptures in the living room of the City Hall of Saint Mandé with three artists.
- Exhibition at the Galerie Deprez Bellorget, 15 rue de Seine, Paris 75006, May 31st to June 23rd. Participation in the season, "Art Saint Germain des Prés, "one hundred galleries, one hundred eyes." Four sculptors: Tetsuo Harada, Rafael Barrios, Medjid Houari, Nicolas Sanhes.
- Guest of honor at the 14th Biennial International painting and carving in Tinchebray 61800 near Caen. Organized by the Association for Michel Tison "Vieux Lavoir". Tetsuo Harada presents twenty sculptures.

- Exhibition at the Galerie Deprez Bellorget, 15 rue de Seine, Paris 75006, from January 10th to February 2th. Architect and artist Pierre Parat exhibits his paintings,Tetsuo Harada sculptures.
- Ceremony around Tetsuo Harada works of the law firm Boivin Paris 75006 April 10.
- Jardin des Arts 35220 Chateaubourg near Rennes. From may 1st to september 15th in the garden Ar Millin, group exhibition of monumentals sculptures. Tetsuo Harada presents Le tricot de la Terre 2009, 2005 germination, Jaillissement 2001, Union 2003, The stone fell from the sky in 1997, Ginko Biloba 2011, Love 2008, Links 2003, Boullionnement 1998, Een 1998 Eden2 1998, paint pigments, metal designs and paintings. organized by the association entrepreneurs mecenes, Presidente Ms. Burel.
- Gallery 22 Coustellet-Cabrières Avignon 84220. Exhibition from May 9 to June 16 Organized by gallerist Jane Dreyer.
- Personal exhibition at the Espace Calende - Contemporary Art 31 rue du Bac in Rouen 76000, opposite the Cathedral. October 12 to November 23. Organized by Christophe and Christelle Longhi.
- Biennial 109, from 18 to 29 September at the Cité Internationale des Arts 75004 Paris

- Exhibites "2D/3D" in the "Usine à Zabu" at (27930) Saint Germain des Angles, 5 rue de l'Iton in Normandie. 7 sculptures and 7 drawings made with wood glue and decorated in pencil, at, with 22 artistes sculptors/designer.
- Exhibites 9 granite sculptures at gallery "A l'écu de France" with the artists of the biennale 109 et (78220) Viroflay, 1, rue Robert Cohen
- Permanent artist at "Espace de la Calende", contemporary art gallery in Rouen 7600, 31 rue du Bac.
- Permanent artist at "Gallery 22", contemporary art gallery in 84 Coustellet Cabrières d'Avignon.
< Participe at 2014 Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival Festival ARTEAST organised by Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hualien, Taiwan. Tetsuo Harada carve "Daifukujin" in white marble from China. L 180 x H 140 x 140 cm. 11 invited sculptors : Georgi Minchev(The Republic of Bulgaria) Kamen Tanev(The Republic of Bulgaria) Mario Lopes(The Portuguese Republic ) Tetsuo Harada(France Japan) 何鎮海(中國) 王標(中華民國) 詹士泰(中華民國) 侯連秦(中華民國) 樊炯烈(中華民國) 卓文章(中華民國) 張書瑋(中華民國). http://stone.hccc.gov.tw/

- Galerie 22 - Cabrières d'Avignon 84220 Coustellet, March 13 to May 10, 2015. Tetsuo Harada presents 4 sculptures "Echo 2". "Femur". "Gentle". Granite, marble.
-"126 sculptors present 126 sculptures": Group exhibition of artists of the National Union of Sculptors and Visual Artists at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, April 28 to May 5, 2015. Tetsuo Harada presents its white marble "ECHO 1".
-Mizen Art Gallery "Landscapes of the soul", personal exhibition of sculptor Tetsuo Harada, May 30 to June 13, 2015.
"My research is moving towards the light volumes contours, voluptuous, free drawing of human body parts, as poetic landscapes, carnal." Tetsuo Harada exhibits 12 sculptures : "Shell", "Germinaison", "Mrs M", "Echos 2", "Love", "The link", "Abundant", "Landscape". Marble, granite, wood, metal, shingle. Permanent artist of Mizen galleries in Paris led by Mika Obata.
- Second artistic encounters at the gallery Ormes by Nicole and Christian Quentin Lourdeau, 23 to 25 May 2015, au Domaine de Mauvoisin 78270 Loumoye. Tetsuo Harada presents 16 sculptures: "Movements", marble "Profile", "Games", "Bust", "Femininity" black granite and gold. "Ginko Biloba" and "Maternity" etc.
Exhobitors : Tetsuo Harada, Karl Heinz Diegner, Catherine De Montmarin, Annette Julilova, Jean-Antoine Malot.
- La Bastide Rose in the Salinger Foundation "The Gardens Poppy" , June 15 to October 15, 2015. Exhibition of monumental sculptures on the theme "line to the point." Tetsuo Harada presents his monumental sculpture "EARTH WEAVING" Granite blue of Britain. Exhibitors: Vera Roehm: Line of Thor, Tetsuo Harada, Parvine Curie, Francis Guerier, Thoma Ryse, Regina Falkenberg, Patrice Poutout, Mark Nucera, Jacques Salles, Odile de Frayssinet, Xavier Spatafora, Jordi Jorda, Karl-Heinz Diegner, Etienne Viard. La Bastide Rose - 99 Croupiere, 84250 Le Thor.
- REVELATATIONS - FINE CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR at the Grand Palais Champs Elysees in Paris, 10 to 13 September 2015. Harada exhibits at "Banquet 5". "CREATURE" alabaster and bronze. "WRAP" obsidian, edited by Cub-ar. The lounge crafts and creative.
- Mizen gallery participates fair REVELATATIONS - FINE CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR, 10 to 13 September 2015, at the Grand Palais Champs Elysees in Paris. Tetsuo Harada presents "COQUILLAGE" white marble. Mizen Fine Art leb by Mika Obata (29 rue de l'Exposition 75007 Paris).
-Harada receives, September 27, 2015, the Prize of the Taylor Foundation during his participation at the Biennale 109 presented at the ceremony at the Taylor Foundation June 13, 2016.
- Biennale 109, 17 to 27 September 2015, at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Tetsuo Harada presents three sculptures in white marble from Carrara Italy: "ECHO 1", "VORTEX", "EOLE".

- Tetsuo Harada sculpte by him-self for the realization of monumental sculpture in pink granite, "Earth weaving" in the career at Louvigné-du-Désert. It is composed of five sculptures assembled in a circle and has a ring. His destination will be in 2017 for the University of Niigata Pharmacology in Japan. Meanwhile Harada sculpts at the career others sculptures is preparation for futures exhibitions in museums and galleries in France, Italy, Asia in 2017 and 2018.
- 43rd Antiques and Collectible Orleans, 11 to 14 March 2016. Tetsuo Harada is the Guest of Honor. He presents 17 marble sculptures, wood and stone. Orléans artists present "Time Artists" paintings, engravings, sculptures, contemporary ceramics. 18 artists present their works. Claude Meunier - Painter "Perspectives on Asia." Hommage to Paul Jacoulet, painter and engraver (1896-1960) presented by Jacques Dumasy. Orleans-expo 45000 Orléans.
- VILLA DATRIS - Danièle Marcovici presents, May 6 - 1 November 2016, "SCULPTURES IN SHARING", a five years retrospective of the collection, in the courtyard, garden and floors. Tetsuo Harada exhibits "ANNONCIATION" white marble. "THE THREE MOUNTAINS" carve with black Belgian marble and gold. "MATERNITY" in bronze. Scenography Fourtine Jules and Laure Dezeuze. 84800 Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
- By TAYLOR Foundation,June 13, 2016, Tetsuo Harada received "The Price Jean Asselberg" at the ceremony at the Foundation Taylor 1 rue Labruyère 75009 Paris.
- Gallery for stained Glass "la galerie du Vitrail" celebrates its 40th years, June 15 to October 15, 2016 and invited 15 artists to create a stained glass artwork in collaboration with the Loire workshops Jacques, Hervé, Bruno. Harada creates with Jacques Loire a sculpture composed of three stained glass. Tetsuo Harada creates with Bruno the thermoformed glasses. Exhibition "Chartes en Vitrail" organized by Natalie Zins-Loire to the gallery of stained glass 28000 Charters. Ambassador Sato Unesco came to inaugurate this exhibition.
- Kiosque d'art, May-December 2016, Ciris Vell presents "Sculptures Small format" 20 sculptors in coordination with Villa Datris 84800 Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.
- Sculptor Tetsuo Harada and Philippe Dubuc ceramist exhibit at Chateau of Nogent-le-Roi, Eure et Loir, July 9 to August 7, 2016. Tetsuo Harada presents 31 drawings and 21 sculptures. Philippe Dubuc presents 80 recent ceramics.

< Prepartion container, transport France to Japan for the installation of the monumental sculpture "Earth Weaving" of 6 tonnes in pink granite from brittany in France. These 4 sculptures in circle and his ring, behind the Gare de Niitsu Niigata for "Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Science" - Niigata Yakadaigaku, Niitsu Station, Niigata, Japan. The cities of Nantes and Niigata are twinned for over 15 years and have friendly relations, cultural and artistic relations every year.
- Participation in the exhibition "Love and violence" in Padova Italy, from February 11 to April 2, 2017. Tetsuo Harada presents "Like a flower" in granite blue brittany.
- Biennale 2017 SNSP in Angers from May 18th to May 29th, 2017.
- Salon des Réalités Nouvelles at Parc Floral de Vincennes, from October 15 to 22, 2017. Tetsuo Harada presents "Elegance" in stainless steel.
- Particpe at Art Canton China "Canton Contemporary Art Fair, September 21-24, 2017. Harada presents 5 stainless steel sculptures and two stone carvings.
- Exhibition of three artists at the Taylor Foundation at 1 rue Labruyere Paris 75009, from September 29 to October 21, 2017. Harada presents 25 sculptures.

- NAM Niitsu Art Museum in Niigata, Japan, from January 27 to March 11, 2018. Harada presents thirty or so indoor and outdoor sculptures. 3 works enter the NAM museum collection
- Hitsuji Garo Niigata Japan, February 2 to 13, 2018. Harada exhibits sculptures in stone and bronze.
- Bandaijima Art Gallery in Niigata, Japan, from March 21 to April 1, 2018. Harada exhibits twelve sculptures in marble, granite, stainless steel and 24 drawings.
- Organized by the City of Chartres with the support of the Embassy of Japan. From June 16 to September 9, 2018. Exhibition of Tetsuo Harada at the Prieuré Saint Vincent, Harada exhibits sculptures drawings and paintings, as well as the Media Library "The apostrophe". Walk in the heart of the city of Chartres where are exposed the environmental scuptures of Tetsuo Harada: Place de la Poissonnerie, Jardins de l'Evêche, Garden of the Museum of Fine Arts, Galerie du Vitrail Loire, Maurice-Violette Boulevard, Garden of the Church Sainte Foi, Places Cazalis, Place des Halles.


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