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"The most important thing for us as Teachers is to encourage and stimulate the students individual creative spirits" says Tetsuo Harada.
Creativity is something that can truly be provoked, stimulated and trained. It's instrumental never to allow a style or temperament to become dominant in class. There must be room for many different temperaments. And we spur the students to always, always try even their wildest ideas in realilty, even if they are totally unreaistic. And even if the result ends up to a disaster, they must come to school, stand up in front of the class and show what they have done. A year later, they will have acquired the skills to execute it successfully. Often it is disasters that are most educational. If you don't have any disasters, you simply haven't tried enough. Says Tetsuo Harada
One of the finest experiences with working as a teacher is realizing the creativity isn't a gift from God. With very few exceptions, it's those who work hardest who become best and most successful. Says Tetsuo Harada.
The reaction from the students is always surprise over they are how capable they actuallly are - and, even more, how talented everybody else is. Can you imagine a better start to an education - findind out that you have a big capacity, that your are in a great class, and that you have gotten to know a lot of fun, talented and interesting people already ?. Says Tetsuo Harada